November 7, 2012

Lost Winter

“Lost Winter” is a movie dedicated to free-skiing, snowboarding and friendship in the mountains. The project documents several winter “missions” in the wild nature of Bulgarian Mountains.

Lying on the snow, far from the top, trying to find some shelter from the strong wind. Sometimes the mountain doesn’t let you go further. Bansko, Pirin mounatins.

White passion. Nothing else can bring you such enjoyment and freedom. Kartala, Rila mountains, Ski – Valeri Peltekov.

Skiing in powder snow can be compared to flying, bacause the soul separates from the body. Kartala, Rila mountains, Ski – Valeri Peltekov.

Kartala, Rila mountains, Snowboard – Bojana Chalakova. The only female rider in the crew

One of those great moments, early in the morning when you are full of energy and know that the day belongs to you and don’t have to worry about anything. Your mind is absorbed only by the idea of riding downhill.

Mt Vazela, Pirin mountains.

Early morning run. Pirin mountains. Snowboard – Boris Parvanov.

We found that northeast slope by chance. The snow was well packed but still fresh. We spent the whole next day climbing up and riding down. Mt Vazela, Pirin Mountains, Ski – Valeri Peltekov.

Our camp. The filming process continued 24 hours. Vasilashkite lakes, Pirin mountains

Good morning!

It is hard to get out of the sleeping bag. Emanuil Emanuilov –  co-producer of the film, Valeri Peltkov – the main freeskier.

We climbed for hours and hours to reach those isolated and most exciting terrains. The Steps, Pirin mountains.

The slope below Mt Razlojki Suhodol, Pirin mountains.

The real skiing and snowboarding moments are only a small part of the trip. The rest is planning, climbing and carrying equipment. The slope below Mt Razlojki Suhodol, Pirin mountains.

Climbing Mt Razlojki Suhodol, Pirin mountains.

Choosing the right riding spot is crucial moment. Mt Razlojki Suhodol, Pirin mountains.

On the way to the summit, Pirin mountains.

There is an immense pleasure and at the same time a huge excitement to watch your friends riding down. Snowboard – Bojana Chalakova.

Mt, Razlojki Suhodol, Pirin mountains, Snowboard – Boris Parvanov.

We always find some time for fun photos. The area above Yavorov chalet, Pirin mountains.

Back in the chalet. Looking at the couloir that we just rode. Mt Razlojki Suhodol and The Steps seen from Yavorov chalet, Pirin mountains.

A moment of relief is when you know that you left some nice lines behind and everybody is safe and sound.

Stoil Dimitrov – The main director&producer of Lost Winter movie.

Some tricks. Front flip – Valeri Peltekov.

It’s been a foggy day and we spent our time low in the forest. Then later in the afternoon, all of a sudden, the sun rays break through and we look up at Mt Todorka summit.

First run of the day. Mt Todorka, Pirin mountains. Ski – Valeri Peltekov.

There is a very thin line between our capabilities and desires. If we can’t make a difference between both, we might not survive. Butterfly effect Couloir, Pirin mountains. Ski – Valeri Peltekov.

One of the last day of shooting. We start rather vigorously uphill but soon realize that the wind is stronger than we’ve expected.

As Stoil Dimitrov will say later “This was the hardest moment of shooting ever. But it was worth it.”

Bansko, Pirin mountains

Part of our team, from right to left Valeri Peltekov – skiing, Stoil Dimitrov – producer and director, Emanuil Emanuilov – producer and director,

Victor Troyanov – photography and skiing. Man with the reflective goggles: Boris Parvanov – snowboarding.


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