August 12, 2014

The sound of trumpet

At seven o’clock a thundering roar startles me in my sleep and I get up with heart beating. Then there are two more cannon shots. Totally confused I creep out of the tent to find a friend, smiling at my scareness. He’s been to Guca several times but didn’t mention about this glourios wakening. “The opening hour, it’s every single morning”, he says. “It’s a sign for the people to get prepared. The music starts early.”

Guca trumpet festival is an annual festival held in town of Guca. In 2010 Guca celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.

The festival gathers people from all over the world.

Many orchestras take part in the competition at the end of the festival.

Meanwhile, during the day, the bands walk around the town and play music in different pubs, relying on tips.

The street concerts start in the morning and go on untill after midnight.

The clients in the pubs order their favourite songs to the passing bands. If satisfied, they pay tips trying to keep the band for a while.

It’s a kind of a competition who’ll have the band longer. The musicians themselves are motivated to play better, the listeners to pay more. In most of the cases it’s a big fun for both sides.

Most of the musicians play for more than ten hours.


Guca festival is a way of living for many family orchestras.


The kids start playing very young.

“Kafana Dacho” is one of the most authentic and famous pubs in Guca.

Every band wants to stop by for a while.

Guca 2014, Kafana Dacho by day.

Beer is sold everywhere on the street. It’s the perfect stimulant to remain in good mood during the day.

Guca 2014, Kafana Dacho by day.

Guca 2014, Kafana Dacho by day.

Many of the bands withdraw for a break in the heaty afternoon.

During the night there is a second wave of street performance.

Guca 2014, Kafana Dacho by night.

The culmination is a huge pary in the center of the town, around the monument of the trumpet player.


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