The Climber in the Night


As the darkness falls, we start our way up in the forest. There is no a specific trail. One of the climbers,
Kiril, knows a route straight through the bush. We use our headlamps to lilghten the way forward. It is warm
and hummid and I start to sweat immediately. The mosquitoes and other night flies attack our faces.
"Reaching this rock in the dark is not the most pleasant experience but it's the only possible time for climbing
in this period of the year" - says one of my friends as he tries to bend a branch and make his way through. 

Bikes and Balloons in Anatolia


In the middle of Turkey, in the eastern part of Anatolia is situated Cappadocia, quite magical  place,very
different from the surrounding area which looks very monotonous. The relief consist of a high plateau
over 1000 m in altitude that is pierced by volcanic peaks. The region is covered by countless valleys full
of volcanic rocks, each shaped in an unique way from the erosion. The rocks are stable and at the same
time soft enogh for diging. Many of them were used as shelters by ancient civilizations including the first
Christians who were pursuited by the Romans. 

The Sound of Trumpet


At seven o'clock a thundering roar startles me in my sleep and I get up with heart beating. Then there are
two more cannon shots. Totally confused I creep out of the tent to find a friend, smiling at my scareness.
He's been to Guca several times but didn't mention about this glorious wakening. "The opening hour, it's
every single morning", he says. "It's a signal for the people to get prepared. The music starts early."

On Wheels


It's early in morning when I find myself in a big traffic - bicycle traffic. People go to work, it's a dynamic
motion. The city junctions are full of bikes, the diversity is big - urban bikes, three wheels bikes, road bikes.
The riders are also quite different - elegant ladies in high heels, businesspeople, sports men and women, students, pupils, 
old people.

March Winter Gift

feat. Hunting Lines Team


We already thought that the winter's gone, when March surprised us with a few powder days. Our team
gathered together for the first time this year, in Bansko. We had a couple of perfect winter days -
intensive skiing in the resort, back country trip in beautiful areas and lots of fun.

The Escape


Hurrying up to reach the place before it becomes dark. A small gpoup of people- Yassen, Ivan and myself 
thirsty for adventures into the wild, with desire to escape from the ordinary routine days. This is why we
are equippedwith camping staff, tandem paraglider and good mood. Where do we go? I only know it is
a place in the Eastern Rhodope mountains, on the  Arda river coastline, in the camp of the englishman Tim.
The car is moving down the winding road through the fields and hills. The plants are colored in fresh green,
the sky filled with fluffy white clouds, shining in the blue sky. Strokes' nests everywhere and those
beautiful names of the villages - Knijovnik, Zlati Bryag, Silen, Dolni, Gorni Glavnak.

Living Heritage


Living heritage is a program of the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation intended to document the
transition of customs in different regions in Bulgaria, between generations, expressed in folk dances,
crafts and old games.

Lost Winter - Chasing the dream


This is a movie dedicated to the freeskiing and snowboarding, and the beautiful nature of Bulgarian mountains.