V I C T O R  T R O Y A N O V

Henri Cartier-Bresson


Photography for me is a way of interpreting the surrounding world. I become thrilled by things everywhere, no matter whether it is a face expression or winter landscape, extreme sport or urban scene. My passion for taking photographs emerged long time ago in my childhood, the moment I encountered the beauty of the mountains. Many years later, when I started travelling abroad, the desire for capturing new discoveries increased. In 2005 I lived in Alaska for five months, spending a lot of time photographing scenery and native people. Later that year, in Sofia, I had my first solo exhibition “Touching Alaska”. In 2006 I took part in a project whose objective was to photograph the Eastern Rhodopi mountains, a divine region in Bulgaria largely populated by Muslims, some of them living in remote and completely isolated villages. In 2012 I took part, as a photographer, in the project “Living heritage” - program of the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation intended to document the transition of customs in different regions in Bulgaria, between generations, expressed in folk dances, crafts and old games.

Along with my interest in people and different cultures I have a big passion for backcountry skiing and mountain climbing. I try to capture the human strive for adventures, for conquering the elements and going where only few dare to tread.

In 2012 I joined the XX anniversary Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition as a technician and mountain guide. During my time at the Bulgarian base on Livingston Island, Antarctica I had the opportunity to explore the region and take plenty of photographs of the landmarks and animals.

The same year, in the middle of the winter I was involved in Bulgarian production called “Lost Winter” – a movie dedicated to the winter mountains, free skiing and snowboarding, and the beautiful nature of Bulgaria. In this project I was chosen as a photographer of the crew.

I have publications in different local magazines and newspapers. I have won a few photography competitions and have participated in many exhibitions including the New York Institute of Photography annual photo exhibition in 2007.




Dec     2005              First personal photo exhibition “Touching Alaska” – my story of the five months living in Alaska. The event took place in the big hall of Sofia university.

Jan      2010              Second personal photo exhibition with a collection of photos from recent years. The subject was “The city”.

May   2012              Third personal photo exhibition “Sound and light” - photos from Livingston Island, Antarctica. The event took place in the Earth and Man National Museum in Sofia.

Nov    2012              Fourth personal photo exhibition “The  colors in time” after the program “Living Heritage” – intended to document the transition of customs in different regions in Bulgaria, between generations, expressed in folk dances, crafts and old games. 

March 2013             Fifth personal exhibition “Extreme ways” - selection of photographs shot over the years, in the winter mountain, reflecting my attempt to capture thе connection between human and nature, skier and mountain and looking for directions different from the conventional ways.